Troubleshooting Issues

ClearContext is not loading or toolbar is missing

1) Check to see if ClearContext is properly installed. Go to your Windows Control Panel, view the Programs section and check if ClearContext is listed under the installed programs. If it is not present, click on any download link at to download and install ClearContext.

2) If ClearContext seems to be properly installed, check to see if the ClearContext add-in has been disabled in Outlook:
Article: The add-in is not loading. How do I re-enable?

Other Problems

First Steps

The most common cause of issues is due to corruption in the mail file, or in the Microsoft Office installation. Please perform the following 2 steps to make sure that Outlook and your mail data are working properly:

  1. Run Office Diagnostics:

    • Open Programs in Windows Control Panel
    • highlight the Microsoft Office version you have installed
    • click Change/Repair.
  2. Outlook mail file maintenance to check for and repair corruption in your mail file(s):
    Article: Mail file maintenance and troubleshooting

Conflicts with Other Add-ins or Software

We maintain a list of potential known conflicts and instructions for troubleshooting those types of issues:
Article: Known add-in conflicts and troubleshooting

Slow Performance in Exchange Configurations

Please check that cached mode is enabled and that the address book is downloaded:
Article: Exchange Configuration

Advanced Troubleshooting

If the above is unsuccessful, the more extensive measures below may resolve the issue. Please read all warnings before attempting these fixes.

  1. Run a complete, thorough uninstall of ClearContext. Please be very careful when running this utility, as this will remove all of your ClearContext preferences and settings, including AutoFile rules, Project suggestions and email stats. Once complete, reinstall ClearContext.
  2. If you didn’t do so when performing when checking your mail file for problems in the First Steps, create a new Outlook Profile. Details are in step #3 here.
  3. Reinstall Microsoft Office. This may reset some of the Office settings to factory default.

Contacting Support

If the steps above don't resolve the problem, please contact us. The best way to do so is by going to the ClearContext->Help screen and clicking the link to email support so that we receive the diagnostic information that will be helpful in working through the issue. If your ClearContext or Outlook are not working, click on a contact link here on our web site.

In either case, please be as descriptive as possible about the problem. Helpful details include:

  • An exact description of steps to reproduce the issue
  • Whether the issue is intermittent or constant, and whether the problem just started happening or had been seen before
  • Whether any changes have occurred to your computer recently
Last updated on Mar 6th 2020