Re-installing on a New Computer

To reinstall ClearContext on a new computer, please use the following steps:

  1. Fully set up your mail account on Outlook.

    • For Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, please wait until you see the status "All folders are up to date" on the bottom of the Outlook window.

      We also recommend setting the Cache setting for mail to keep offline to All or something longer than the short default. This setting can be found by clicking on the File tab in Outlook, then choosing Account Settings. Select your mail account, the click the Change button to access the settings.

    • For other types of mail configurations, this may involve importing your old mail files.

  2. Download and install ClearContext: Download Link

  3. Enter your subscription information to register the product. You can wait until the trial starts asking for the information, or you can go to the ClearContext tab in Outlook, then click the ClearContext Account button.

    If you need to look up your subscription, click the Lookup link in the ClearContext Account screen.

Last updated on Oct 29th 2018