Are keyboard shortcuts available in ClearContext?

The built in shortcuts available are:

alt-m: file message to displayed Project/folder
ctrl-alt-m: select folder to file message to
alt-d: file message thread to displayed project
ctrl-alt-d: select folder to file message thread to
alt-u: undo last filing action
alt-p: assign Project to message thread
alt-j: open jump to folder window
alt-q: quick tasks window
available shortcuts are displayed in the tooltip for the button in the toolbar when you hover your mouse over a button with a shortcut.
It is also possible to create your own shortcuts using the built in Outlook Quick Access toolbar. To do so:
1) Click on the ClearContext tab in the toolbar
2) Right click on the ClearContext Task button
3) Select the command Add to Quick Access Toolbar, and that button will be added to the top of the Outlook window
4) Now if you press the alt button, you will see a numbered short cut to that button (i.e. alt-3)

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